IventIM provides solutions for the rapidly growing market for iMobility products & services, Industrial Automation and In-Car Software development.

Our Expertise for your Solution

Control any device or vehicle from thousands of miles away. Remote operation enhances safety, increases productivity, and reduces costs associated with downtime and employee expenses.

Sensor Fusion

As different types of sensors possess individual strengths and abilities, sensor fusion facilitate a higher accuracy.

Precise Positioning

Teleoperated services and autonomous driving prompt the use of reliable and robust high-precision positioning technology in the realm of automobile.

HD Maps

High-definition maps are indispensable for autonomous driving, providing the basis for accurate positioning and perception of the environment. Coupling GNSS and sensor fusion technologies with HD maps enables centimeter-precision positioning.

Environmental Modelling

Creating tools and models to maximise the value of the environment and improve autonomy decision making processes.

Trajectory Planning and Control

Our software solves the motion planning problem in autonomous controlled vehicles, it is responsabile to create drivable and safe trajectories that then are transformed and sent to vehicle actuators

Prediction and Decision

Prediction and decision algorithms makes it truly autonomous. These functions help to solve problems in real time, scenarios such as identify blocking or unsafe objects, and bring the vehicle to the goal position.


Autonomous automotive systems need trusted sensor information to work safely and reliably. An end-to-end security architecture from the sensor to the motion is mandatory.

From Sensor to Motion

With the use of the IventIM frameworks – our so called „automation in a box“ – you are able to implement automated or teleoperated use cases agnostically and in shortest time. At the same time, you enjoy all the advantages of our system in terms of maintenance, support and 24/7 operation services.

Frameworks for turnkey solutions

Development and provision of turnkey systems including hardware for custom use cases based on the IventIM service portfolio:


  •  Autonomous driving
  •  Teleoperation in a BOX
  •  Setup of demonstrators /POCs
  •  Autonomous industry solutions

Solution, consulting, architecture & software development

Providing and placing highly qualified consultants and developers for the service components offered by IventIM. This includes:


  •  Component development
  •  Construction of demonstrators
  •  System Integration
  •  Live / Field Test for AD
  •  Basic research / Use Case

Security per default

We integrate your IoT devices into the Cloud and create control services like automated device and security management.


  • Integrated security lifecycle
  • Integrity and authenticity of maps and point clouds
  • Secure dynamic extension of positioning data
  • Secure data storage and secure data access
  • Secure API connection

Managing your business can be easy

Our offer enables all necessary services for the implementation of autonomous and teleoperated use cases. We offer our expertise in individual disciplines as well as in turnkey solutions.

Would you like to build an autonomous car using machine learning at the edge? We develop Linux and FPGA SoC systems specially tailored to your needs.

We test your autonomous systems for security vulnerabilities and identify hardening measures. We carry out attacks using hardware (e.g., JTAG) or software (e.g., Linux, App, CAN).

We develop specifically tailored software for sensor to motion applications (e.g., Microcontrollers, embedded Linux, FPGA SoCs and Cloud).

We integrate your autonomous systems / IoT devices into a cloud provider of your choice. In addition, we design cloud appliances according to your requirements.

We see cybersecurity as an integral part of our software development methods. We use holistic security methods (eg., secure coding, security by default) to harden autonomous appliances against cyber attacks

Take your autonomous appliances to the next level. We port your existing software to an Android app / tablet system and offer you the option of managing your autonomous appliances remotely.

We help set up a secure cloud operating system for your autonomous systems (e.g., embedded systems, IoT devices). Manage and orchestrate your devices through a cloud dashboard.

Our strength lies in programming embedded Linux systems for autonomous use-cases. We develop kernel modules, user space applications and network appliances to enable connected autonomous driving in C/C++ and Python.

From Sensor to Cloud.

What if you knew the status of every autonomous IoT device, every single second? You could use this data to further customize your product to meet the needs of your customer. We integrate your autonomous IoT devices into the cloud and create control services such as automated device and security management.


Security Management

Classic security approaches that are only based on perimeter protection and primarily focus on prevention have largely proven to be inadequate. What is needed are new, holistic solution concepts that cover the entire end-to-end security service and ensure comprehensive and end-to-end risk management.
We take over the project management and implement the IoT security lifecycle model in your project.


Embedded Security

Special operations such as cryptographic key management, authentication and the execution of critical applications should be carried out in a specially protected environment.
We are happy to help with the security analysis of your embedded systems. We implement Trusted Execution Environments, Device Authentication Solutions, Secure Boot and Secure Update Solutions.

Holistic security is the enabler for real autonomous sensor to motion appliances.


Clemens is an industry and technology expert with over 20 years of experience. Founder and MD of Objective Software (exit by Luxoft/DXC in 2018)

Dr. Clemens Dannheim

CEO Iventim GmbH (Holding), Business Development

People and Resource Manager with 8+ years of experience of hiring, scaling and leading software development teams worldwide.                                                           

Christian Synowiec

CEO Iventim Solutions GmbH

CTO and Tech Lead, industry and technology expert with 10 years of experience as R&D engineer, founder and manager of tech companies.                                       

Roman Abdi

Chief Technology Officer

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